Peaceful Gathering in Solidarity with the Huicholes





Thursday 10th May 2012

11am – Mexican Embassy in London

This will be followed by a walk to Hyde Park and a ceremony led in the Mexihka healing tradition


Please join the peaceful gathering and ceremony to support our planet, the Huicholes in Mexico and the sacred land of Wirikuta




The Earth is not just a resource to be exploited, it has its own unique right to be. There are places on this Earth that hold wonder and special significance for the people who remember their origins. Wirikuta in Mexico is one such place, held as a place of immense significance for the Huicholes – the Wixarika people – of Mexico. But not just them, we are all sharing this planet and what happens faraway is in our hearts also.



Unfortunately Wirikuta is a case of many – extractive industries increasingly threaten biodiverse and special places on our planet.

Wirikuta is sacred land located in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. It is the spiritual homeland of the Wixarika people and was declared a Natural Protected Area and Natural Sacred Site by the local government in 1994. The Wixarika people – from the states of Jalisco, Nayarit and Durango – come on pilgrimage to this sacred place, recreating the long route travelled by their ancestors during the formation of the world to the birthplace of the Sun. Wirikuta is the place where the essences of life and the birth of the sun are founded. It is here they pray for the maintenance of life on the planet.

However, this special land (of approximately 140,000 hectares) has been commissioned and sold for mining! The federal government has granted at least 38 mineral concessions. This puts at risk the biodiversity and the continuity of the Chihuahua desert ecosystem, water quality (overexploitation and the risk of cyanide contamination) and health of the Wixarika people. Furthermore, one of the most sacred mountain areas is threatened with mining.

Therefore, the traditional authorities that form the Regional Wixarika Council for the Defense of Virikuta and the organisations of the Defense of Virikuta Front “Tamatsima Wahaa” require the cancellation of the mining concessions and to set an indefinite moratorium to prevent the granting of new licenses for exploration and exploitation in the desert of Real de Catorce.



This will be a peaceful gathering at the Mexican Embassy at 11am, to remind the government that we care about the land and its caretakers. This will be followed by a walk to Hyde Park where we will hold a ceremony of hope to show our support for the sacred land of Wirikuta.

This gathering is a reminder that the Earth and the life it supports is not for sale! Land has a right to be as do people. Although we may not be able to change the fate of this special place, we will film our peaceful protest and send it to the Wixarika people so they know we have not forgotten them and we send our hopes and solidarity.

Please join us at 11am ~ bring beauty, banners, candles, music, but above all you. This will be followed by a ceremony led in the Mexihka healing tradition.





Recent developments

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