Native Spirit Art Exhibition Collective – 14 June

We welcome you to join us in this special evening of ART, MUSIC, TALKS, FOOD…

A fundraising evening not to be missed! Come and support the work of Native Spirit Foundation: a platform for indigenous peoples. Help alternative education for the Cofan, Colombia and the Mapuche, Chile, and contribute to the visit of the Edlers to the UK to share with us their vision and wisdom. We are honoured to host a presentation and artwork by Don Matsiwa and Poncho Nava from the Huichol communiy, Mexico, together with various other supportive artists.

Fernando Torres ~
Mariano Monti ~
Lucia Castano ~
Vanesa Mauvecin ~
Kristoff Otvar ~
Freddy and Paz Treuquil

# LIVE MUSIC! Colombian vibes by Chuana y Tambo


# PRESENTATIONS – some short presentations by artists, and on projects


Doors open 5pm, start 7pm

Hoxton Gallery, 12-18 Hoxton Street, N1 6NG, London Shoreditch
(entrance back building on Drysdale Street)

Entrance donation: 5 pounds


The Native Spirit Art Collective provides artists with opportunities to exhibit and market their work. Works of art exhibited are produced by various indigenous & other artists & sold in support of the Native Spirit Foundation and/or projects.

Using a wide range of mediums our artists create unique designs inspired by their own indigenous cultures or the cultures of others, as well as maintaining the ethos of respect for Mother Earth.

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