13 Moons Talk: An evening with Eloxochitl


With the support of SOAS Student Union:

13 Moons: A Talk with Eloxochitl, Curandera from the Mexihka tradition in Mexico

Date: Friday 11th May

Time: 7pm

Room: B101 (in the Brunei Gallery)

Venue: SOAS – School of Oriental and African Studies


This talk is a unique opportunity to get to know the Mexihka medicine healing tradition, an ancient holistic approach to health and wellbeing with Aztec origins. According to the main principle of the Nahuatl philosophy ‘illness’ appears to us when we stop living in harmony with the deepest aspects of ourselves. This integrated tradition provides many tools for healing and ceremonies, amongst others, herbal medicine and special massage for body and soul.

In her talk, Eloxochitl will introduce you to the medicine and healing practice based on the principals of balance – by being in harmony with nature and through understanding the wisdom of the human being, developing a greater consciousness. She will also happily answer any questions.

Curandera (healer) Eloxochitl Ivonne M. Buendia Sanchez studied in Mexico and Peru. Since she was 18 years old she has been working as a healer in San Pablo Tecalco, Mexico, where she also founded the Calpulli Cencalli college at her home for people interested in the teachings and medicine of the Mexihkas. There she teaches the philosophy and language Nahuatl, traditional medicine, Mexihkan astronomy and mathematics.
Eloxochitl has been coming to Europe to train new healers in this ancient tradition since 2004. There are medicine groups in the UK, Austria, and Germany. Whilst she is in London she will also be seeing people for healing and will be doing a workshop for anyone interested in the medicine.
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