About Us

Native Spirit Foundation is a grassroots volunteer-run not-for-profit organisation working towards advancing education for the public benefit in the United Kingdom, and worldwide in the arts, culture and heritage of Indigenous peoples worldwide.

Native Spirit was founded by Mapuche leader Freddy Treuqil in 2005 to bring knowledge and awareness of Indigenous cultures and longer-term community educational projects supporting Escuela Nueva (New School)

“All the [activists] have come to the conclusion that one objective of making video, radio and television is for the other culture to know us. It is necessary to create a bridge to share our culture in an educational form, without losing our identity.” — Freddy Treuqil

Visit our Educational Projects Page to find out more about Freddy’s vision and work in education.

Native Spirit Festival

Since 2007, the organisation has produced the annual Native Spirit Festival celebrating Indigenous film with talks and performances in UK (2007-now); Taiwan (2018-), and Spain (2009-10). In 2020 Native Spirit established #microIndigenous with MicroMania Film Festival Buffalo, NY for films 5min +under, and started an initiative to celebrate Native American Heritage Month in UK, in part-collaboration with American Museum & Gardens

We aim to inspire new possibilities for understanding life, by celebrating the strength and potential of the human spirit.

Our Artistic Director brings 30 years experience in Indigenous Arts Education, including 10 years of programming Indigenous cinema.

Strategic Advisors

Maasai – Tanzania
Director NGO-Net and Oltoilo le Maa. Living Cultures Museum initiative 

Baluba – France
Global Resource Manager. Annick will take part in a Youth Suicide Prevention Program, Pine Ridge, South Dakota

Aymará – Bolivia
Traditional Doctor, Yatiri Chamakani. Former Vice Minister of Traditional Medicine & Interculturality. Social communicator and member of the Indigenous chair of the UII of FILAC, Council of Elders

Dr Stephanie Pratt
Dakota Anglo-American Historian/Scholar

Dremedreman Curimudjuq 
Paiwan, co-Founder Native Spirit Taiwan

Eduardo Santiago
Nu’u savi, Mexico/UK
Atlachnolli Cultural Group

This year we are honoured to welcome Dr Stephanie Pratt who joins us as Cultural Advisor for 14th Native Spirit Festival.

About Dr Stephanie Pratt  Formerly Associate Professor (Reader) of Art History at Plymouth University, UK and now an Independent Scholar and Curator, Dr Pratt is the first Cultural Ambassador for her Tribal Council (at the Crow Creek Dakota Sioux Reservation in South Dakota, USA) where she is also an enrolled tribal member.

Recently she has worked as consultant to a number of UK educational institutions and non-governmental organisations, such as the British Library, the National Maritime Museum, The Box at Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery, Royal Albert Memorial Museum and Art Gallery in Exeter, the Big Ideas company, ORIGINS festival 2019, and for Project Speedwell as part of Mayflower 400. Her comments on the negative effects of Exeter Rugby Club’s (and other European sports teams) misuse of Native American inspired mascots and branding was quoted in the NY Times and she has raised awareness of this issue locally in the Devon press and on the BBC. She is a member of the Grandmother’s Society (Kunsi/Unci) based at the Crow Creek Dakota (Sioux) Indian Reservation, Fort Thompson, South Dakota which promotes the understanding and preservation of Dakota and Lakota culture and language. Her book, American Indians in British Art, 1700-1840 (Oklahoma University Press, 2005) was the first study of its kind and she explores many of its central themes in her other publications over the last 25 years.

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We’d like to hear from people with a passion for Indigenous cinema with  experience in online and physical event planning to join our small team. Skills wanted: admin, social media marketing +analysis, website management +SEO, festival planning, research, film reviewing, graphics design, film editing. This is an unique opportunity to support the only Independent UK festival dedicated to Indigenous Film, Media and Arts with global reach. Send your CV to nativespiritfilms(at)gmail.com with VOLUNTEER in subject line.