MESSAGE FROM ELDERS – Role of rituals in everyday life and bringing back bonds between generations – Friday 13 July

Grandmother Gail Whitlow (Mohawk, Bear Clan)
Grandmother Susan Kaiulani Stanton (Haudenausonee)−–––—

Grandmother Susan Kaiulani Stanton (Haudenausonee)

Grandmother Gail Whitlow (Mohawk, Bear Clan)

Grandmother Gail Whitlow (Mohawk, Bear Clan)

“We invite all who care about themselves, their families, the Earth and future generations”

Grandmothers travel the world in response to prophecies of indigenous people around the world saying that it is the feminine energy which will stimulate the world to change. They will talk about the importance of rituals in our daily life, even the “small ones”, such as water blessing and drinking. The old traditions are dying and today we need those everyday practices more than ever, so we can stay in the heart. Just as important is to restore the bond between generations, back to the roots.

We rejected our ancestors, frequently even those still living. The young trying bravely to conquer the world on their own, the elderly lost in the modern world, losing the role of the sages and teachers. Although the world is rushing faster and faster, contrary to appearances, not much has changed: the young, receptive to everything new, not thinking stereotypically, they can see what the elders cannot perceive with an often weary eye. On the other hand, the latter had enough time in their long life to ‘absorb’ knowledge of the laws of the nature of (all) the things, the young have no idea about.

Grandfather Mani Wakan Wicasa Keya (Cherokee)

Grandfather Mani Wakan Wicasa Keya (Cherokee)

The lecture will begin with each Elder sharing what is dear to their hearts, and then opening for questions and discussion.

6.30 pm

7 King’s Bench St

Suggested donation: 5 pounds

Please confirm your attendance by email: [email protected]


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