Weekend Gathering with Grandfather and Grandmothers – 14 & 15 July

Grandmother Susan Kaiulani Stanton (Haudenausonee)
Grandmother Susan Kaiulani Stanton (Haudenausonee)

Grandmother Susan Kaiulani Stanton (Haudenausonee)

Many of us say and experience huge changes that our World, Mother Earth are going through.

Those changes concern each of us, both individually and as a group, tribe…together we’re creating a New World, New Reality based on respect, understanding, co-operation.

If this is something that’s close to your Heart we would like to invite You to this amazing Gathering with Grandmothers and a Grandfather… they will share their knowledge, their wisdom, experiences…They come from tribes where the tradition of gathering and circles, contact with Mother Nature, respect of all living creatures have been cultivated for generations.




Grandfather Mani Wakan Wicasa Keya (Cherokee)

Grandfather Mani Wakan Wicasa Keya (Cherokee)

Topics of Gathering:

Circles Connecting with Circles Worldwide ~ Who, Where and Why?

The importance of creating sustainable communities TODAY, for tomorrow and our future generations

The Time of No Time ~ What does this mean and how is it manifesting in our lives?

How do we tie our experiences together so that we are One? Now that Time is slowing and/or accelerating, how do we hold our Center?

Creating Personal and Group Ceremonies through the use of Wisdom Teachings and Sacred Protocols.

“Using the Medicine Wheel, Guided Visualization, Meditation and Medicinal Energetics, we will work as a group to open the doorway to 2013 and beyond using Ancestral messages and our Love for the Seven Generations yet to come to lead us to our destination”

Grandmother Gail Whitlow (Mohawk, Bear Clan)

Grandmother Gail Whitlow (Mohawk, Bear Clan)


Saturday: 10.30-18.00
Sunday: 10.00-17.30


Maiden Lane Community Centre
156 St.Paul’s Crescent
London NW1 9XZ



This is a non profit event and all money raised will cover costs of travel and venue hiring… the only profit will be the Experience and Connection.

Contribution: £50
Registration: [email protected]  07944 064969
Payment: Sebastian Adamczyk 20-21-80 10111791

Please give your full name and ‘Gathering‘ as reference and notify us about the payment by email