Film on Evo Morales presented by the director Rodrigo Vazquez – 18th OF APRIL

Native Spirit SOAS Society & Native Spirit Foundation,

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Indigenous Films Every FULL MOON

Monday 18 April 2011


13 MOONS SCREENINGS is a regular evening of films and performances promoting the cultures of Indigenous people and take place at SOAS every full moon.



Dir Lisa Jackson / 6mins / Cree Nation / Canada

On a summer day in the 1950s, a native girl watches the countryside go by from the backseat of a car. A woman at her kitchen table sings a lullaby in her Cree language When the girl arrives at her destination, she undergoes a transformation that will turn the woman’s gentle voice into a howl of anger and pain. In a place like this, there aren’t many chances to be a kid. But, when no one’s watching… A residential school musical.

EVO PRESIDENTE + Q&A with director

Dir. Rodrigo Vazquez / 44mins/ Aymara and Quechua People /Bolivia-UK

This film, co-narrated between the filmmaker and Evo himself, tells the story of how Bolivia’s first indigenous President managed to re-write the Constitution, re-distribute the land among poor peasants and nationalise the gas industry, as these events were actually unfolding.

Following the screening, Argentinean filmmaker Rodrigo Vazquez will be available for a Q&A. Rodrigo has been following Evo Morales and the indigenous uprising in Bolivia for several years. He will share with the public the latest news from Bolivia as well as his unique view and experience of working closely with Morales.

Monday 18 April 2011 @ SOAS University

7 pm – ROOM: TBC

Entry Suggested Donation £5

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Tuesday 17 May 2011, 7 pm – INDIGENOUS FILMS & DIRECTOR TALK

Wednesday 15 June 2011, 7 pm – INDIGENOUS FILMS & DIRECTOR TALK


13 Moons Screenings is a regular evening of films and performances promoting the cultures of Indigenous people which takes place at SOAS every full moon.

Crucially set in the multicultural SOAS University in London, these evening screenings will together form a much-needed platform to celebrate and explore indigenous cultures.

The indigenous vision of life is profoundly linked to Nature. For them, as it was once for all people on this planet, the natural world is considered sacred. We believe that establishing bridges and finding parallels between indigenous cultures and modern societies is key to understanding ourselves and the world we wish for the future.

The laniary pull has an immense effect on the Earth and within all living creatures and plants during its orbit of approximately 29 days around the Earth. The moon’s cycle is considered the original month and even the word “month” originates from the word “moon”.

Native Spirit Foundation is a non-profit organisation, which promotes the knowledge and preservation of Indigenous Cultures and supports educational projects in indigenous communities. Native Spirit runs an annual Festival each October, which takes place in cities of UK and Spain.