Friday 19 October 7pm – Porters of the Inca Trail film, Ritual Andean & Aztec Dance @SOAS Room 116 (Main Bldg not Brunei)

We welcome you to the final night of the 6th Native Spirit Festival.

Ritual Dance of the Scissors - Jose Navarro

Leoncio Monteagudo, Porters of the Inca Trail

Leoncio Monteagudo



7.00pm RITUAL Dance of the Scissors: Jose Navarro’s dance from the high Andes, Peru.

8.15pm Porter of the Inca Trail: Leoncio Monteagudo is a porter on the Inca Trail to the citadel ruins of Machu Pichu. Most Porters are Quechua, descendants of the Inca Empire. The reality of the workers experiences on this narrow mountain path stands in stark contrast to that marketed by often corrupt tourist agencies. Dir. Gabriel Manrique 45 mins

Aztec Dance - Xiquipiltzin

9.15pm Aztec Dance: Xiquipiltzin and Atlachinolli group share a warrior dance to close festival.

SPACE IS LIMITED PLEASE ARRIVE EARLY – please note ROOM 116 in Main Building NOT Brunei