Thursday 18 October 7pm – Australian Aborigine & Mohawk films @SOAS Room 116 (Main Bldg not Brunei)

Join us for more films and meet European Network for Indigenous Australian Rights (ENIAR)

7pm THIS IS OUR COUNTRY TOO Dir. Ishamil Blagrove (ricenpeasfilms)

Most of us are ignorant to the plight of Australia’s Aboriginal people. Take away Cathy Freeman and tourist brochures, and they rarely exist in the mainstream. This is Our Country Too is a powerful expose of the hidden torment of a people fighting for equality, justice and survival.

8.30pm SMOKE TRADERS Dir. Jeff Dorn (rezolution pictures)

The multimillion dollar cigarette industry that Mohawks have built has pulled their communities out of third world poverty, but the Canadian government is determined to shut the trade down. Are these traders criminals who must be stopped? Or are they a new breed of Native entrepreneur who deserve our support?