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This platform is new to our festival team, we are working to keep communication and navigation as clear as possible. Elevent support team are contactable by all users for technical issues Mon-Fri 9-5pm EST office hours.

Festival Pass & Ticket proceeds go towards digital platform streaming fees, speaker honorarium and festival costs. This is a non-profit registered Charity, run entirely by volunteers. Thank you in advance for donations to help us continue our work.

General Questions FAQ

Please contact the festival at [email protected] if you have any of these questions.
Dates and availability of the event or festival content?  Check viewing Dates, Country availability first on line of film description/synopsis eg (Worldwide view, now-20 Nov)
How long after I click play on a video can I watch it? Within the allotted duration of the film’s availability, you will have 72hr access to the film to complete viewing, pausing or returning to the film and it’s additional content.
What’s included in my pass?  Read description in Pass details
Where can I watch the content, do you have an app I can watch it on? Read next paragraph

Virtual Events Technical FAQ

What are the system requirements to watch content online? You can watch content on PCs running Windows 7+, and Intel-based Macs running OSX 10.12+. You can also watch virtual films or event on Android tablets and phones using Chrome, and on iPhones and iPads using Sa…
What devices can I watch these titles on? Titles can be watched on your computer browser, tablet, or smartphone

Virtual Pass FAQ

How do I access content with my virtual pass? Your virtual pass is what gives you access to the screening portal. There are a few different ways to log into the screening portal: Go directly to https://virtual.goelevent.com and sign in under Passholder Login using your Elevent login

Virtual Tickets FAQ

How do I access my virtual ticket? You will receive two emails from the event organizer you bought your ticket from: order confirmation email – this is sent at the time of purchase virtual access email – this includes a direct link to the film or event and will be sent one hour before availability time.

What does a Festival Pass give me access to? November Festival Pass gives access to all Native Spirit Digital Festival films listed on Elevent (subject to film availability) during November.

Where do I watch Panel Discussions and Q&As? these maybe included with the films as an add-on. We will upload the recorded files where available, and add to relevant film listing on Elevent. You can also find Q&As at Native Spirit Festival 2021 YouTube (pls subscribe/like).

Please note, due to filmmaker requirements, some films will only be available within a limited time frame, to specified regions/territories. (refer each films description, first line of Synopsis eg (Worldwide view, now-20 Nov)

Why are some films available longer than others? Availability is determined by filmmakers and distribution ie 24hr, 72hr, or longer

Please check carefully the Elevent listing (check film description/synopsis) for each film prior to purchasing your ticket and arranging your viewing of the film.

Why are some films only available in certain territories?
Certain films are geoblocked (only available to view in the UK and/or certain other territories).

This is in order to respect the filmmaker’s distribution wishes, and to maximise the film’s prospects for future distribution and screenings in the physical world.

Please ensure that you have checked the Elevent listing for each film prior to purchasing your pass/ticket, especially if you are currently residing outside of the UK.

What languages are the films available to view in?
Films that are not in English will be available to view as default with English subtitles (as per submission requirements of the festival).

Due to the diversity of Indigenous languages that feature in our Programme, we unfortunately cannot provide subtitles in languages other than English, except in a few instances where we have been provided with subtitles by the filmmakers (mostly for Spanish speakers). Please check each film for details.