Is powered by Festivee platform (designed and run by filmmakers).

This software is new to our festival team, we are working to keep communication and navigation as clear as possible within the software limitations for our filmmakers and audience. Festivee support team are contactable by all users for technical issues Mon-Fri US office hours.

The Festival Pass will help meet extra costs of the digital platform and go towards speaker honorarium. We are non-profit, run entirely by volunteers and would like to thank in advance, everybody who has donated to our GoFundMe and made this festival happen.

What kind of quality can I expect when streaming?
Festivee uses adaptive bit-rate streaming to deliver the highest quality media that your internet connection and device can handle. Optimally, you’ll see a high-definition picture up to 1080p with stereo audio. While you’re streaming, we’ll monitor your bandwidth to make certain you’re getting the best stream possible – if your connection and/or device require, we’ll adapt send an appropriate stream to optimize your viewing experience

What devices can I watch these titles on?
Titles can be watched on your computer browser, tablet, or smartphone

Where can I find the products I have purchased?

Passes and tickets to films can be found under the “Purchases” tab, under your account menu (click your account icon on the top right corner of the site).

Individual tickets to films can also be found under the “My Library” tab under your account menu.

What does a Festival Pass give me access to?
The Festival Pass gives access to all Native Spirit Digital Festival films listed on Festivee (subject to film availability). Panel Discussions and Q&As maybe delivered through our collaborators sites and channels. We will upload the recorded files where available, and add to relevant film listing on Festivee.

Please note, due to filmmaker requirements, some films will only be available within a limited time frame, to specified regions/territories.

Within the allotted duration of the film’s availability, you will have unlimited access to the film for repeat viewing, pausing or returning to the film and it’s additional content.

Why are some films available at different dates ?
While we have endeavoured to make as many films available to Pass and ticket holders for a good length of time, the large variety of films means that some will be available for the duration of the festival, some will have limited availability.

Films on our Programme will become available throughout the festival (for example, Native American Heritage Month films start in November).

Some films will only be available for a certain number of days, or only available to watch within a limited time slot upon activation of your ticket/ viewing.

This is in order to respect the filmmaker’s distribution wishes, and to maximise the film’s prospects for future distribution and screenings in the physical world.

Please check the festivee listing for each film carefully prior to purchasing your ticket and arranging your viewing of the film

Why are some films only available in certain territories?
Certain films are “geoblocked” (only available to view in the UK and/or certain other territories).

This is in order to respect the filmmaker’s distribution wishes, and to maximise the film’s prospects for future distribution and screenings in the physical world.

Please ensure that you have checked the festivee listing for each film prior to purchasing your pass/ticket, especially if you are currently residing outside of the UK.

What languages are the films available to view in?
All films that are not in English will be available to view as default with English subtitles (as per the submission requirements of the festival).

Due to the diversity of languages that feature in our Programme, we unfortunately cannot provide subtitles in languages other than English, except in a few instances where we have been provided with subtitles by the filmmakers (mostly for Spanish speakers). Please check each film for details.