Workshops on Indigenous Cosmology – Saturday 30th October

SATURDAY 30th October

Workshops with indigenous elders

Venue: SOAS, School of Oriental & African Studies

Mayan cosmology and Tzolkin Calendar

By Mayan Spiritual Guides Casimiro Sicajau, Agustin Xoquic and Victor Lem

11am – 12.30

This workshop will introduce the intricacies of Mayan Cosmology; the mapping of time through the natural cycles as seen on earth and in the skys. The mapping systems of the Maya where, and still are, used to interpret great astronomical changes that occur over great lengths of time and how they effect the cycles found on earth. These are spiritual compasses that locate us as human beings walking our life paths on the earth.

Indigenous storytelling and traditional music

By Freddy Treuquil and Leonidas Quiniyao (Mapuche People)

2 – 3.30pm

Storytelling has been central to the oral traditions of native communities for thousands of years. It is through storytelling that knowledge is past for one generation to the next carrying with it the spirit and identity of a people.

Music and chanting has also been a vehicle to pass on wisdom, as well as a tool of healing and spiritual development.

Sacred Nature – a glimpse into indigenous spirituality and prophecies

By Basilio Quispe and Ernestina Arias (Aymara & Kuna people)

4 – 5.30pm

Pacha, on the Andean languages suggests the totality of universal time and space; it expresses the totality of life existent. Mama denotes the meaning of motherhood. This is how Pachamama is understood, as the Mother of all vital and universal existence, expressed through the Earth. The last Pachakuti, or “great change” occurred 500 years ago with the arrival of Spanish conquistadores. The Aymaras believe the next Pachakuti has started, and predict the emergence of a new human being after a period of great confusion.

School of Oriental & African Studies

Thornhaugh Street, Russell Square, London WC1H 0XG

Cost: General public £10 (each workshop), £20 (all of them)

SOAS Students and children: FREE, Donations