Tue 15 Oct 2019 – 24 SNOW / 24 СНЕГА 7-8.30pm Pushkin House WC1A 2TA

Read D-Movies’ Review of the Yakutian (Russia) Epic taking the reins of Tuesday’s Festival Program.


The unbearable climate of the Arctic region of Yakutia. Permafrost. For most of the year, the temperature is below zero and the ground is always cold.

In winter, the temperature drops to minus 65 degrees. There is no telecommunication or electricity, and the lack of roads hinders transport. Life in this condition means a daily battle with the elements and with yourself. Hundreds of kilometres away from the nearest settlement, a person can rely only on himself. This severe land attracts people who are looking for freedom and independence.

24 SNOW tells the story of Sergey, a horse-breeder who lives most of the year in the tundra looking after the herd. With each year, Sergey spends more and more time away from the village, meeting his family just a few times a year for the horse-breeders’ feast and to bring the meat home. Feeling like a stranger in his own home, Sergey is losing his connection with his family and missing the chance to see how his children to grow up.

The exhausting nature of life for the Northern man presents him with the hardest of dilemmas – who he really is.