Fundraiser Workshop in Avebury supporting the coming of the Elders

Shamanism: working in partnership with sacred plants, animals and other allies – Adam X. Hearn
All monies raised to go to Native Spirit,  suggested donation of £40.00
Saturday 27th August                      10.00am – 4.00pm Calne, Wiltshire

This workshop considers Shamanism and its relevance today.  It introduces Shamanic Journeying and partnership with Power Animals, Power Plants and other tutelary Spirits.  Connect with your ancestors and ancestral landscape through the drum’s beat and the rattle’s shake to find the healing most suited to you.

Pre-book by emailing [email protected] or calling 01249 248524 or 07875 505634


The course provides a safe, professional introduction to shamanic practice and is also suitable for those wishing to deepen their existing connection to Spirit, by working with the spirit of sacred plants in a non-invasive, ethical way. (Hallucinogenic plants will NOT be consumed!)

Please bring food to share, blindfold (e.g. bandana),and drum/rattle if you have one (drums and rattles will be available for use).

Adam was initiated into shamanic practice in a Kitchwa community in the Ecuadorian rainforests, then completed professional shamanic training with The Sacred Trust in Dorset.  He weaves shamanism with music and continuously works towards a healed and balanced planet.

Cost: £40.00 All moneys raised to go to help fund the Indigenous Elders trip in October, through Native Spirit.

VENUE: 18 Carp Rd. Calne Wiltshire SN11 9UE

Parking is available in the street in front of the house. The location of Calne is some 6 miles from the ancient stone circle of Avebury and in the heart of a sacred landscape. This mythic land invites initiation into the paths of our ancestors.

NUMBERS: numbers are limited so please pre-book if you can